Joining the Dots: Biodiversity, Sustainability and Climate-Change

If there’s one thing that becomes increasingly clear to us as we link up organisations so they can become climate-friendly, adaptive and resilient, it’s that we need to take whole systems into account rather than separate parts. This is why we’ve been widening our scope to support members with understanding the full range of issues and solutions. This includes biodiversity, and at a recent Fit for the Future event we explored its role in sustainability and tackling climate change.

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Moving Forward with Climate Change Adaptation

For charities, heritage organisations and all with land and buildings in their stewardship, climate change adaptation is a big issue. Last year, a Fit for the Future survey revealed that despite the global significance of climate change and the subsequent requirement for action, 50% of our individual members were not yet dealing with adaptation as part of their role.

Climate-change adaptation measures, Adapting historic buildings, Flood prevention
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Explore the Network’s New Virtual Home

Our members asked, and we listened. We’re very proud to present our new members’ area, a virtual home for Fit for the Future members to network, continue discussions and access resources. We’ll continue to connect people face-to-face and provide all the services we’ve delivered since the beginning, but members will now have the added advantage of accessing their network online.

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Getting into the Spirit of Water Efficiency

Fit for the Future members, Adnams, have introduced new technology into their brewery and distillery to reduce both water and energy consumption. This is a huge chapter in their sustainability story – the distillery water consumption should reduce by about half and energy (and carbon emissions) will reduce by around 15%. 

Heat pumps, Water source heat pump, Water and Waste, Waste minimisation
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The Procurement Cure- Tackling the Packaging Part Two

Charities, heritage organisations and businesses are increasingly looking for ways to tackle the problem of packaging. We organised an event with Carbon Smart to explore opportunities and solutions from a procurement perspective. 

Waste minimisation, Waste Management solutions, Sustainable procurement, Sustainable procurement
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Heating Wallington – Renewable Heat for Heritage

Find out about our latest visit to National Trust Wallington, where members were able to see first hand one of the Trust’s most successful biomass installations.

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Members Avoid Spending Almost £7m on Fossil Fuel Energy: Impact Report 2017

We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest Impact Report, which celebrates the successes of the network in 2017 and reveals how our 102 member organisations are becoming climate-friendly, adaptive and resilient.

Renewable energy, Energy Efficiency
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From the Hope-Inspiring to the Heart-Warming: Show The Love!

For Climate Coalition’s Show the Love campaign we’re bringing you some heart-warming and hope-inspiring stories of positive change from five organisations within our network. Check out these uplifting examples of how organisations are reducing emissions, switching to clean energy, and leading the way when it comes to operating without damaging the environment.

Biomass, Renewable energy, Sustainable transport, Energy Efficiency
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Tackling Packaging & Disposable Coffee Cups

The billions of coffee cups that are thrown away every year, mostly ending up in landfill, have been making headlines recently as MPs propose a 25p ‘latte levy’. Plastic waste has also been in the spotlight as alarming statistics surface: Europeans generate 25m tonnes of plastic waste annually, but less than 30% is collected for recycling.

Many Fit for the Future members are already challenging industry norms when it comes to finding practical solutions to the problems of single-use packaging and coffee cups. Here are some of our favourite examples

Water and Waste, Waste Management solutions, Waste minimisation
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Making Contact: The Switch from Diesel to Electric

Switching to EVs can be a win-win for organisations if circumstances are right, enabling them to lessen the impact they have on the environment and save significant amounts of money. But what are the potential pitfalls, and what advice would those who’ve already gone down the EV route give to other organisations?

Sustainable transport, Electric Vehicles/ EV charging
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