Image  © Ashden- A vision of sustainable city transport developed as part of the Liveable Cities Programme


Created in collaboration with the City Region Sustainability Network, the Climate Action Co-Benefits Toolkit is designed to support local authorities and others to achieve their climate change ambitions. At a time when councils across the UK are declaring climate emergency this is a timely and valuable resource which, as well as providing practical tools and information, demonstrates how climate action delivers significant benefits rather than requiring sacrifices. 


The toolkit is an online resource that can be accessed here. A series of films explore climate change action and what’s needed from the perspectives of individuals. Its four key chapters explore:


  • Economic opportunity and job creation
  • Resilience
  • Equity and social cohesion
  • Health and Wellbeing 


Each of these includes facts and figures, links to data for local areas, the business case for taking action, opportunities for action and inspirational examples of successful initiatives from around the country. 


By connecting climate policy making to the needs of everyone, the toolkit shows that the consequences of climate action improve lives. There is also a clear message that we can solve climate and social issues at the same time, and use housing, health, transport, infrastructure and economic development budgets in a more sustainable way.  


Ashden are co-founders and members of Fit for the Future. If you would like more information about this toolkit, or want to know how other local authorities and organisations are already taking climate action, contact us. If you are already a member of Fit for the Future, you can access hundreds of resources including took-kits, templates, presentations and how-to guides in our members area.