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We connect the hundreds of environmental practitioners from within our member organisations so they can share best practice and practical solutions. From managing resources to adapting to climate-change, Fit for the Future members are ensuring their land, buildings and operations become fit for the future by working together. 


Our Purpose

We are here to ensure that all our members:

Decarbonise and enhance: Members reduce negative environmental impacts that could exacerbate climate change, and increase positive ones

Adapt: Members have the tools, knowledge and resources to successfully adapt to present and future impacts of climate change 

Develop resilience: Members are future-proofing their land, buildings and operations, and making their time, money and resources go further 

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What difference does this make?

As well as taking urgent action to tackle climate-change and its impacts, our members are saving time, money and resources that can be used for the things that really matter to them. Check out some of our success stories.


2017 savings tally



What we do

The Network provides a number of services that help members achieve success with their environmental projects. These includes regular events, site visits, workshops, meetings and more.


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“I've made contact with numerous practitioners, from environmental advisers and energy managers to people from smaller trusts and community groups.I learnt that yes, we can do things, particularly in historic environments where the majority of our estate has statutory protection”

Olivia Lassiere
Scottish Canals
Heritage & Environment Manager

“The RNLI has been able to share our knowledge and learn from others, enabling us to be more energy efficient and reduce costs.”

Alan Pardon
Finance & Corporate Strategy Director

“The Energy Managers group has helped us to save £100k per annum. It is an extremely useful forum to share ideas and learnings”

Ben Young
Field Studies Council
Property Project Manager