18th March 2021, 11.00am-12.00

Sustainable projects #3: Responsible Retrofit with the STBA

The third event in our sustainable project series will focus on heritage projects, particularly building projects, that are looking at retrofitting for energy efficiency and conservation. Nigel Griffiths, Director at the STBA, will give an overview of his experience working on responsible retrofit and the considerations needed when working with heritage, traditional and older buildings.

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24th March 2021, 1.30-2.30pm

Unpicking Scope 3 Emissions with WSP

Measuring, reporting and reducing Scope 3 emissions is one of the major challenges in efforts to achieve net zero. David Symons, Future Ready Innovation Leader at WSP will be sharing his knowledge and approach to tackling Scope 3 emissions.

Event Details
21st April 2021, 1.30-2.30pm

Sustainable projects #4: managing building performance gaps

Many sustainability-accredited buildings and projects often fail to live up to performance expectations. This webinar, the fourth in our sustainable project series, looks at how members can manage buildings in order to optimise their environmental performance long into the future.

Event Details
28th April 2021, 10.30-12.00

Waste and Circular Economy Special Interest Group meeting

Our Waste and Circular Economy Special Interest Group is for members looking to share experiences, knowledge and progress with the network

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