We are pleased to have partnered with some of the UK’s most well recognised, knowledgeable and impactful organisations as part of our mission to facilitate greater knowledge-sharing and collaboration.


National Lottery Heritage Fund

We have partnered with National Lottery Heritage Fund to offer grantees support and advice as they consider how to make their projects more environmentally sustainable. Our network, resources and events can help grantees to think through how, right from the beginning of their project, they can increase positive environmental impacts and reducing negative ones. 




Architectural Heritage Fund

Our partnership with the Architectural Heritage Fund will support their grantees and clients to embed sustainability at the heart of their projects. As a funder committed to supporting the repurposing of historic buildings, they are already playing a critical role in tackling climate change. But they want to go further, so grantees will be eligible to include their Fit for the Future membership fee as a project cost, and can benefit from the advice, guidance and experience of the network. 



We are partnering with IEMA to identify opportunities for knowledge-sharing, through joint events, training, and key resourcesIEMA is the professional body for everyone working in environment and sustainability, and they have recently declared a climate and environmental emergency.  

 Corporate Partnerships - coming soon

You can contact the network team to find out more about becoming a corporate partner: be part of our work to facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaboration and help organisations decarbonise, adapt to climate change and deliver positive environmental impacts.  


We are always looking to work with others who align with our core values and want to see rapid and far-reaching changes in the urgent context of climate change.  Contact us to find out more about how your organisation can be part of this crucial work.