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Membership fees are based on your organisation's annual turnover. A yearly payment gives your whole organisation unlimited free access to all of our member services.


Here's how the annual fees work:


Turnover of member organisation (£ millions)


Less than £1m £150
£1m – £10m £350
£10m – £25m £550
£25m – £50m £750
£50m – £100m £1000
£100m plus £1,500


(exclusive of VAT)

Core Values

We are a non-commercial network: Fit for the Future is for not-for-profits and other organisations that want to work together to decarbonise, adapt to climate change and develop resilience. The network is not for those wishing to sell services or otherwise commercially gain from other members, so you can always be confident that they are benefitting from impartial, honest advice.


We're about practical solutions: The network operates on the principle that, more often than not, the solution is already out there. Members share their knowledge and experience to help each other find solutions and get the job done.


The network is honest & open: When members share their sustainability projects, what didn't work is just as important as what worked well. The network thrives on the honest sharing of experiences, both good and bad. By learning from each other our members are increasing resilience.