Field Studies Council

Commitment to the environment is at the heart of the Field Studies Council, an environmental education charity with 19 permanent bases across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Field Studies Council- Blencathra Field Centre

The Field Studies Council’s Blencathra centre is a fully off grid, residential environmental education centre in the heart of the Lake District that runs entirely off renewable energy…

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Church of England- Portsmouth Cathedral

Reducing Electricity Carbon Emissions at Cathedral House, Portsmouth Cathedral, a 1950s building housing a community hall, administrative and social enterprise offices, song/music rooms and staff accommodation.

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Adnams Southwold

Innovating for Heat Recovery & Water Efficiency at Adnams Brewery and Distillery

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University of Manchester

The University of Manchester's 10,000 Actions is the most ambitious sustainability programme for staff in higher education, based on an interactive online tool

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The Whitworth

In 2014 the Whitworth, an art gallery in central Manchester, underwent the largest physical transformation in its 125-year history with a major capital development that put sustainability at the heart of the project

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British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation has 738 charity shops nationwide. They embarked on a mission to improve the environmental sustainability of BHF shops by driving down waste, taking action on plastics and reducing negative environmental impacts across the board.

Case Study

Oxford House

Oxford House (OH) is a community and arts centre in the heart of London’s East End, In 2017 it was placed on the Buildings at Risk Register by Historic England due to the damage being caused by rainwater coming through a very old roof. Funding was needed to save the building and ensure it continues to be a valuable resource for local communities. OH started a major new project, ‘From Victorian Gap Year to Community Hub’ to secure funding and complete the necessary works.

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