The Network's Story

Fit for the Future officially began in 2012 when two of National Trust’s environmental practitioners, Keith Jones and Paul Southall, won an Ashden Gold Award for their energy saving and generation achievements in Wales.


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The Team

Fergus Rolfe – Fit for the Future Manager

Fergus joined the network at the beginning of 2018. He is an experienced project manager in the sustainability sector; leading and managing teams in a diverse range of research, knowledge sharing and commercial initiatives. The wide range of projects he previously delivered included life-cycle analysis, sustainable material implementation, building performance monitoring, and the delivery of carbon reduction measures. He has worked for and with major Energy Suppliers, Government Agencies, Universities, Local Authorities, Non-Government Organisations and a range of businesses and communities. A consistent focus of his work has been developing networks and providing strategy for sustainable growth.

Laura Harbard- Project Officer

Laura is the key contact for Fit for the Future members on a day-to-day basis, linking up practitioners who need advice with those who have the best answers and solutions. She also organises the Network’s varied events programme, from site visits and meetings to workshops and conferences.

The Board

Our board was set up in 2016 to support the strategic development of the Network as it continues to grow. Board members represent organisations from within the Network including the RNLI, National Trust, RSPB and The Crown Estate. Read more about them and their interests here. We are also recruiting a new Chair to the Network, for more information contact us