Toolkit Helps Local Authorities Radically Cut Emissions Whilst Improving Quality of Life

Much of the discussion around tackling climate change is still about giving things up, but Ashden's new Climate Action Co-Benefits Toolkit takes a different view by focusing on what can be gained from climate action. Local benefits include improved health, clean air, better travel options, green spaces, and warm and cheap-to-heat homes. 

Sustainable transport, Health and Well being standards, Climate-change adaptation measures, Behaviour change programme
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Fit for the Future Proud Judges of Greenest Charity Retailer Award

Fit for the Future were thrilled to judge entries for a new category- Greenest Charity Retailer- at the 2019 Charity Retail Awards this week. Congratulations to British Heart Foundation who scooped the award, and to shortlisted charities Wandsworth Oasis and St Oswald’s Hospice. The new award highlights the increasing recognition of the importance of environmental sustainability in the third-sector, an issue explored by some of our members in the May issue of Charity Finance Magazine.

Water and Waste, Waste Management solutions, Waste minimisation, Sustainable procurement
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Fit for the Future to Support Heritage Fund Projects

We are thrilled to be included in Heritage Fund plans to ensure that the projects they fund adopt environmentally responsible measures. Fit for the Future look forward to welcoming these projects to the network and linking them up with the people, advice and resources that will help them to become climate-friendly, adaptive and resilient. 

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Castles, Churches, Trains, Boats and Seafarers: Fit for the Future welcomes new members

We are delighted to welcome six diverse new organisations to our membership this spring: The Landmark Trust, Historic Churches Scotland, Virgin Trains' Green Champions, Royal Yachting Association, Mission to Seafarers and Bradford Trident.

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Adapting to Climate Change with the Met Office and the RSPB

Climate mitigation has been hitting the headlines recently, but how do our organisations deal with potential impacts from climate change? Our event on 1st May with the Met Office and the RSPB took members through the latest climate projection data and how this could be used to develop an adaptation strategy. 

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Back to the Future in a Hydrogen Car

Fit for the Future member National Trust hosted the very first Hydrogen Hub roadshow at their headquarters in Swindon. National Trust have been piloting a hydrogen SUV in their fleet for just over a year and this event brought together exciting discussions about the future of sustainable transport. 

Sustainable transport, Hydrogen vehicles, Electric Vehicles/ EV charging
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From 35,000 litres of oil a year to Renewable Heat at National Trust's Wimpole Estate

It previously took 35,000 litres of oil a year to heat the Grade 1 listed mansion house and restaurant at National Trust’s Wimpole Estate, but newly installed renewable heat pump technology has taken this figure down to 0. The heat pump uses around one third of the energy needed by the previous oil boilers, and has reduced carbon emissions by 47 tonnes per year as well as saving over £8,000 a year in fuel costs.  Fit for the Future practitioners from Guide Dogs, RSPB, Historic England, English Heritage, Diocese of Ely and National Trust headed to Wimpole to find out about the installation and related successes and challenges first hand.

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Adaptation in a Warming Nation- We team up with Met Office and RSPB

This week we have experienced some of the highest winter temperatures ever recorded in the UK, with record temperatures for February broken twice and a high of 21.2C at Kew Gardens on Tuesday. The Met Office announced on Twitter that they would be doing an attribution study to ascertain how the temperatures were affected by climate change, and went on to point out that a Met Office analysis in 2014 already showed that, “since 2000, there had been 10 times as many high temperature records broken as cold temperature ones”. This May, Fit for the Future will team up with the Met Office and RSPB to bring the charities, heritage organisations and others in our membership the latest insight into how the UK climate is projected to change, how it might affect them, and how they can put a strategy in place to adapt and build resilience.

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Show The Love- Putting Collaboration at the Heart of Change

The Climate Coalition’s 'Show the Love 2019' is now in full swing, with hundreds of thousands of people across the UK showing their love for the things they want to protect from climate change. Fit for the Future has been in the business of environmental matchmaking for six years now, and during this time we’ve brought together hundreds of sustainability professionals from diverse organisations. Whether they are working for the love of wildlife, education, historic buildings, art, mountains, canals- our members have one important thing in common: they know that climate change poses a significant threat to what they do and want to do something about it. 

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Practical Behaviour Change with Manchester University and National Trust

Representatives from Field Studies Council, Manchester University and National Trust got together in Manchester last week to discuss behaviour change and gain insight into two diverse projects. We share some of our key takeaways from the day.

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