Puppy Power! Going Green at Guide Dogs

We welcome new members, the charity Guide Dogs, whose mission is ensuring that when someone loses their sight, they don’t lose their freedom as well. For the charity, reducing their impact on the environment, has brought many benefits including freeing up valuable funds to assist more people with sight loss feel independent and supported in the world.

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Introducing our new Network Champion

Choosing a Network Champion is all about recognising the outstanding work being done by an individual within the Network, both for their own organisation and the Fit for the Future group as a whole.We are very pleased to announce our first Network Champion of 2016, Sarah Alsbury, Environmental Manager at RSPB. Sarah’s role is all about saving nature in the greenest way possible. From nurdles and vehicle design to the environmental impacts of wellingtons, there’s never a dull day! We interview Sarah for insight into her work, achievements and future vision for sustainability at RSPB.

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Network Good News Feed

As the bank holiday becomes a hazy memory and the final crumbs of your ethically-sourced Easter egg are consumed, fear not! More good things are coming your way as we release this month’s news feed. Read on for positive stories coming out of the Network and examples of the great work being done by members.

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Moving Forward with Renewables: The Community Energy Movement

“The cat’s out of the bag when it comes to community energy, the movement’s started.”
Community energy had a big part to play at the Regen SW Smart Energy Marketplace event on the 17th March at Sandy Park, Exeter. There was a lot of buzz around community energy, engaging with the community and some lessons shared!

Renewable energy, Sourcing funding to deliver projects
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‘Energy Barns’ and Farm Power- The Opportunities for Land Owners

In the run up to Smart Energy Market Place on 17th March, we welcome Rachel Hayes of Regen SW as a guest writer. From farm power to ‘energy barns’, Rachel writes on the opportunities for landowners to generate income from energy in a changing market.

Renewable energy
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Celebrating the Launch of Our New Network Video

The Network would be nothing without the input of all the practitioners involved, from catering and procurement staff to rangers and energy managers. But what benefits does the Network bring to its members and their organisations? We’re pleased to launch a new video in which four practitioners from the National Trust, RNLI, Chatsworth House and Canal & River Trust reveal how the Network has been of value to them. 

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Feel Good News Feed

In these monthly posts, we shout about some of the inspiring work being done by our members and celebrate their recent achievements. This month, there’s plenty of good news to go around with the launch of our first progress report complete with member success stories. Read on for the highlights and more good news. Happy February everyone!

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Network’s First Progress Report Released

We are very proud to present our first ever Progress Report, which celebrates the Network’s matchmaking success stories and reveals what our members have achieved this year. We have worked with 988 practitioners from 106 organisations. Here’s a look at the collective impact our members are having.

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Nurture the Network- Could you be our new Chair Person?

Fit for the Future is growing fast and seeking a chairperson to move it into the next phase of development. This is an exciting opportunity to lead a network of forward-thinking conservation and sustainability organisations, enabling them to continue carrying on working together and finding practical solutions to environmental problems.

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A Practitioner in a Policy World: COP21

“Policy without practice is like a bike without wheels. It won’t go anywhere.”

Keith Jones, Environmental Practice Advisor for the National Trust and one of the Network founders, spent the week at COP21 as part of the International National Trust Organisation (INTO) delegation. INTO had a stand in the Observation area of the conference, and were there to help emphasise the importance of protecting heritage and culture in the face of climate change as well as the role they can play in mitigating its impact.

Climate-change adaptation measures
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