Our Climate Change adaptation group was set up to bridge this gap. The group met in June at the National Trust’s Tredegar House in Wales to discuss ways of identifying potential impacts, and how individual organisations can adapt. On the day, we heard from Keith Jones and Paul Southall of the National Trust (Senior Environmental Advisor and Environment Consultancy Manager respectively), and Olly Watts, Senior Climate Change Policy Officer at the RSPB.


Climate change and historic buildings


Tredegar House, a 17th century mansion looked after by the National Trust, is an example of a place experiencing significant challenges due to climate change. Increased rainfall means that strategies are needed to manage flood water and pressure on the building's drainage systems.


At the event, practitioners discussed the strategies that might be put in place at Tredegar House to protect its buildings and resources, and reviewed planned investment over the coming ten years.


Members also discussed how maintenance, restoration and development of the house and grounds are required to protect its historic legacy and provide a commercially viable resource to the local economy and residents.


Tredegar Climate Change Adaptation      

What exactly are we adapting to?


It was agreed that organisations need further information and data on predicted climate change impacts to understand what they are adapting to and what the timescales are. Renewed insights from UK Climate Projections are due out this November, which will enable organisations to better assess potential impacts and to explore adaptation options. We’ll be keeping abreast of developments and providing members with the most up-to-date information.


Finding our way forward


Members identified a number of things that they need in order to more forward confidently with adaptation work, and the Network team- Fergus and Pollyanna - will now work closely with them to provide:


  • Case studies of adaptation strategy developments and delivery
  • Information and guidance on how to develop an adaptation strategy
  • Introductions to Adaptive toolkits
  • Information on the business case for adaptation in order to understand the costs of taking action (financial and other).
  • How to engage with the decision makers in an organisation about climate change and adaptation strategies


Fit for the Future are also planning relevant site-visits, events, workshops and seminars so practitioners can share knowledge and experience. In the meantime, members can head over to our Climate Change Adaptation forum to continue discussion.


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