From the Hope-Inspiring to the Heart-Warming: Show The Love!

For Climate Coalition’s Show the Love campaign we’re bringing you some heart-warming and hope-inspiring stories of positive change from five organisations within our network. Check out these uplifting examples of how organisations are reducing emissions, switching to clean energy, and leading the way when it comes to operating without damaging the environment.


Green Fuel Takes Off

This year the world’s first ever biofuel flight, powered partially by mustard seeds, made the journey between Australia and the US.Not to be outdone, the environmental charity Field Studies Council embarked on an innovative maiden voyage of their own, on a ride-on-mower. The mower at the Flatford Mill centre is powered entirely by sustainable fuel made from kitchen waste, which is a bi-product of operations at the centre.

A bioprocessor converts the food waste into fuel, which in turn powers the mower’s diesel engine. The centre haven’t had to buy fuel for the mower since the bioprocesser was installed, and they can even top up their diesel minibuses with the green alternative.



FSC collage


Street Wise Lights

Ealing Council have halved their energy consumption by switching to LED street lights. Not only does this mean massive savings on energy bills for the council, but it also means more reliable lights that last for longer, saving the council an estimated £100,000 a year in maintenance costs.


Puppies Stay Cosy…Sustainable Style

Guide Dogs are working with a local tree cutting company to get fuel for their biomass boiler, which heats their breeding centre and keeps the puppies nice and warm. Now that a cherished local tree has come under threat and needs to be felled, Guide Dogs have offered to invite children from the nearby school to see how this tree would be cut, chipped and eventually used in their biomass boiler to ensure the puppies are kept warm in winter.

Guide Dogs have a number of initiatives underway to reduce waste and energy use. These include turning old dog harnesses into branded souvenirs to raise more money for the charity, and achieving a 30% reduction in energy use across three sites.


guide dogs puppies


Beer-ly Clean Energy

Adnams, Southwold, a forward-thinking eco brewery with the unique claim of being home to 240,000 honey bees, are now powered by 100% renewably-sourced electricity across their operations.  This has reduced their annual carbon emissions by over 1,000 tonnes of CO2!

Sustainability is embedded into Adnam’s strategy, and they’ve adopted a range of other innovative measures to reduce waste and emissions, including their pink, electric, green van.


Council Cuts Carbon Emissions

Through the implementation of its Local Authority Carbon Management Plan, Colchester Borough Council achieved a massive 55% reduction in emissions from 2008 to 2016/17. The carbon reduction projects completed will mean annual savings of £100k on future energy bills and savings of 400 tonnes of carbon per year.


Thanks to all of our members for their tireless efforts to be climate-friendly and help protect our cherished environment. Find out more about who’s involved, check out more inspiring stories or get in touch if you’ve been inspired to join us!