How will we play our part in the 'super year'?

We have announced a dynamic and relevant events programme that responds to the needs of members and covers the breadth of climate change and sustainability issues. Some key topics for this year are:

  • Sustainability strategy- action and delivery 
  • Sustainable procurement
  • Net zero - setting targets and achieving them
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Land use and its importance in the context of climate change
  • Biodiversity 

We also have tours and site visits planned, because we know that sometimes the best way to learn and be inspired is to see successful or innovative projects in action. 2020 tours include a behind the scenes tour of the Northern Estates Programme as part of the Houses of Parliament refurbishment. We are also hosting a Scotland members’ round-table in May. View and sign up to all of our 2020 events.



New members and partnerships

The bigger our membership, the more ideas, expertise and practical experience can be shared. Our network has proven that cross-sector collaboration can drive action and create real change. We will be reaching out further to the public sector this year, and to the heritage sector through our partnership with Heritage Fund. We will also be continuing to work closely with the third-sector to involve even more charities at this crucial time. We are looking forward to welcoming new organisations and practitioners throughout 2020. Contact us if you are not yet involved and want to find out more.

A growing team

We are currently recruiting a new Chair to lead the Network during this important year and beyond, and will be further growing our team during 2020. Watch this space for updates. 

Renewing our Strategy

We are in the process of refreshing our strategy to best reflect the urgency of the climate and ecological challenge that is being echoed across the Network.