Resources include presentations from all Fit for the Future events, such as our annual Network Harvest

To find a resource

1. Head to


2. Click the ‘Members Login’ button, top right on the homepage 


3. If you have visited the members’ area before, simply login. If not, follow the ‘first time visitors’ instruction on the login page


4. Select ‘My Dashboard’ from the menu on the right




  1. From your dashboard, select ‘Resources (view and upload)’




  1. You’ve made it to our online resources- hooray!


 a. If you are looking for something specific, try searching by keyword or key phrase e.g. climate change adaptation. Remember to click on the arrow after entering your search term (pressing ENTER does not work!) 


 b. If you are searching for resources from a specific event, select the name of the event from the ‘Event’ dropdown menu


 c. You can also search by category, sector, or broad topic area by selecting from the drop down menus


  1. Once you have found a resource you are interested in, click ‘Download’. The resource will then appear in a new browser window. From there, you can download and save it to your own computer. Note **Resources are to be shared with Fit for the Future members only unless permission is gained from the owner**


To add a resource


  1. Any member can upload a resource of their own to this area. To begin, head to the resources page following the steps above and select ‘To upload a new resource click here’


2. Follow the steps listed on the upload page. Be as specific as possible with the title. E.g. instead of a broad title like ‘Climate Change Adaptation’, choose something specific such as ‘Climate Change Adaptation and Conservation. RSPB Presentation’. Likewise with the description, be as specific as possible.


3. If the resource is linked to an event, select the relevant event from the dropdown menu 


4. When you have filled in all the fields, click ‘Submit’ 


5. You will now be taken to a screen where you can tag the resource with any relevant topics. This is to make it easier for other people to find. When you have finished tagging, return to the top of the page and find where it says ‘click here’ to continue




And that’s it! Your resource should now be featured at the top of the resources page. If you have any trouble accessing or uploading resources, please contact