The 2020 ‘Super Year for the Environment’- How Fit for the Future will Play its Part

The UN has named 2020 ‘a “super year” for the environment—a make or break year in which key international meetings will set the tone and agenda for environmental action in the decade ahead.’ COP 26 in Glasgow in November will bring the UK into the spotlight, and public awareness is on the rise after a year of record temperatures and protests. A number of our member organisations declared climate emergencies in 2019 and many more set targets for a pathway to net zero. There has never been a more urgent time for action to address the climate and ecological crisis and we are stepping up to the plate to play our part by driving collaboration and practical action across sectors.

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The challenge of setting Net Zero targets in the charity sector and beyond

'Net zero' is becoming an increasingly familiar term, with political parties, public bodies and businesses using it to frame their decarbonisation targets. As the climate crisis becomes increasingly urgent and the public look to every sector to understand how they are responding, many UK charities and organisations are announcing net zero goals too. It's a way to demonstrate commitment, and align with the 1.5 degrees pathway laid out by the IPCC. But what needs to be considered when setting a target, and what are the challenges? At our most recent Energy Managers meeting (a special interest group for practitioners working specifically to manage energy within their organisations) participants delved into this topic. We bring you some of the key questions and considerations discussed.

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Could you be our next Chair?

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Welcoming new members- Royal Parks, Break Charity, Canopy Housing & ICON

With collaboration to address climate change and its impacts more important that ever, we are delighted to welcome new organisations from the charity and  heritage sectors that are seeking to become climate-friendly, adaptive and resilient. These diverse organisations bring committed practitioners with unique practical experience to share, and we look forward to helping them achieve their sustainability aims.

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Network Harvest 2019- The Day in Pictures

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Our 2019 Award Winners

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Walking the Talk- WWF Living Planet Centre Tour in Pictures

On 3rd October Fit for the Future members were treated to a site tour of the fantastic WWF Living Planet Centre as they met to discuss sustainable waste management. WWF's centre is not only an exemplar of low-carbon office design but was largely built using recycled materials. We bring you a round-up of the day's highlights, in pictures.

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Fit for the Future hits Lord’s Cricket Ground for Our Most Sustainable Conference Yet

Recent announcements for this year’s Network Harvest include a keynote from the inspirational Farhana Yamin, internationally recognised environmental lawyer and lead author for the IPCC assessment report. As we gear up to what will be our most sustainable conference yet, we’re delighted to bring you a sneak-peak inside our iconic venue, Lord’s Cricket Ground. Dr Russell Seymour, Sustainability Manager at Lord’s, will be taking members on guided tours as part of our event on 6th November.

Renewable energy, Solar, Wind, Heat pumps, Biogas production, Water and Waste
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Where to Begin with Energy Auditing: A Guide to Getting Started

An energy audit can help those managing a site or building to make significant savings through better understanding of energy consumption, and identifying opportunities to improve efficiency. At a recent Fit for the Future event, auditors from within the network provided hands-on training for their peers. Practitioners from organisations including Historic Royal Palaces, Historic England, National Trust and Guide Dogs practiced the skills needed to carry out their own audits. A presentation given by Oliver Ingwall-King, Energy Advisor for West Suffolk Council at the event included the following key points on where to begin with energy auditing.

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Declaring a Climate Emergency- What does it mean for third and public sector organisations?

The first Climate Emergency motion in the UK was passed in Bristol in November 2018. Since then towns, councils, organisations and businesses across the nation have followed suit including Fit for the Future members Ealing Council and Field Studies Council. But what exactly does declaring a climate emergency mean, and why might charities and other organisations decide to do it?

Climate-change adaptation measures
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