Identifying, measuring, reporting and reducing scope 3 emissions is one of the major challenges in efforts to achieve net zero.  Whether it’s purchased goods, transport or waste; emissions from scope 3 are often not known or can be misunderstood.


David Symons (Future Ready Innovation Leader at WSP) provided an overview of scope 3 emissions and their relationship with other emission sources and net zero strategy.  David’s insights into both practical and rule-based approaches being of significant interest to attendees; including defining your boundaries, identifying the largest opportunities for reductions and the role of offsetting.


Andy Haigh (Director of Climate Positive Solutions at Grosvenor Group) shared Grosvenor’s knowledge and approach to tackling scope 3 emissions.  With 94% of Grosvenor’s impact coming from scope 3 they have made significant progress in developing and implementing a strategy to incorporate the reduction of these emissions in their pathway to net zero.


The presentations inspired an interesting discussion on many scope 3 challenges.  These included how to avoid double counting, when it is appropriate to utilise offsetting in your strategy and how organisations categorise, calculate and evidence emissions associated with homeworking.


The virtual event was a fantastic starting point in supporting members to understand scope 3 emissions and to support the development of reduction strategies in this area.  It also helped to identify specific areas where members require more information and guidance. e.g. employee commuting, waste generated in operation, and leased assets.  The Fit for the Future team is now developing follow on events to continue supporting members in these areas.


Recordings of the event and presentations can be found in our members area. 


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