Many Fit for the Future members are developing (or looking to develop) initiatives in this key area, focusing on their own fleet vehicles and/or provision of EV infrastructure for staff and visitors/customers.  Following requests from members to hear from organisations who provide EV infrastructure solutions, we were delighted to be joined by Shaun Wightman-Smith (Business Development Manager, 3ti).

Shaun from 3ti provided an overview of Papilio3,  a pop-up mini solar car park & EV charging hub, developed by 3ti, to boost the roll out of EV charging infrastructure and help to decarbonise the transport sector.  

Thanks to everyone who took part in a detailed and wide-ranging discussion, it was great to have members sharing challenges, learnings, progress and resources in this key area.  Our discussion groups will continue throughout 2024, please get in touch with the Fit for the Future team if there is a particular theme and/or specific area you would like to focus on. 

Members can watch back a recording of this session in their members area.