In 2017, the FSC obtained specialist advice, guidance and support on an array of environmental subjects through Fit for the Future. We have saved approximately £10k in energy cost savings via direct communication with members of the Energy Management group,  and have also gained optimum reliability, simplified management, and ultimately, improved sustainability of our projects and processes. The unquantifiable economic advantages of learning about the most appropriate materials and measures to use when carrying out our upgrade to our centres has been so much more.


We’ve attended free events and site visits covering topics ranging from sustainable transport and procurement to responsible retrofit and sustainable gardens. At these events, we’ve been able to talk to people from other organisations who have faced similar problems or challenges, and learn from them in order to find solutions. Being part of the Network means we are not working in the dark, and has given us the confidence to look wider when it comes to solutions and possibilities.


Mark Bolland, Director of Operations, Field Studies Council