Date and Time

Monday 14th October 11:00 - 16:15


Free for members


Zion Community Centre, Bristol BS13 7JW

Heat accounts for one third of all UK carbon emissions, and many of our members are exploring ways to heat their buildings in more sustainable ways. This presents several challenges, such as space restrictions, working with heritage buildings, and prohibitive costs. 


This event will be delivered in partnership with the Centre for Sustainable Energy. Their new project Futureproof is designed to support domestic retrofitting in the West of England.


This event is ideal for:

- Members looking at replacing or upgrading their heating systems

- Members wanting an insight into future developments in this sector, particularly when it comes to heritage buildings

- Members interested in retrofit approaches and solutions

- Members wanting to know more about the business case behind potential heating solutions


Aims of the event:

1. To stimulate constructive discussions around practical solutions to low carbon heating

2. To connect Fit for the Future members and experts so they can collaborate and share ideas about low carbon heating

3. To provide practical examples of low carbon heating solutions for Fit for the Future members to interrogate and learn from


Read more about CSE and Futureproof



Who should attend?

This event is free to attend for members only. To find out more about joining Fit for the Future Network, please email

Cancellation policy

There is a fee of £60 for those that cancel within 10 days of the event or do not show up on the day.


For any questions please contact Hannah on