Date and Time

Tuesday 16th July 14:00 – 15:30


Free for members



We are delighted to be joined by Dan Ware (Procurement Specialist, National Trust) and Camilla Timms (Senior National Consultant - Sustainable Resources, National Trust) who will start the discussion by providing an update on the National Trust’s recently updated procurement instruction.

Once you have registered, we will be in touch to identify any specific topics you would like the group to focus on.  If you have an initiative you are developing or delivering we would love to hear from you and share your experiences.

Areas for discussion include (and are not limited to):

•           Understanding environmental the impact of your procurement

•           What does a good procurement policy look like?

•           How do we introduce sustainable procurement policies, prioritise and set targets?

•           How to develop and implement a sustainable procurement strategy and action plan.

•           Monitoring and benchmarking – how is everyone else getting on?

•           How do we engage with/influence procurement teams and suppliers?

•           Assessing impacts and risks for various categories of spend (how to use data and finance systems to prioritise)

•           How does procurement connect into and influence the challenge of reducing scope 3 emissions and achieving net zero?

•           A more in-depth look at a particular procurement area e.g. catering, construction, office equipment, retail etc

•           Industry guidance and standards e.g. ISO20400

•           Resources, guidance, case studies and external organisations that can support you

Any member is welcome to attend, regardless of previous experience or knowledge on this topic. The group will be of benefit to all network members, whatever your size and scope of operations/activity. From organisations just starting off to those already delivering procurement policy and strategy there will be lots to share and collaborate on.