Date and Time

Tuesday 25th June 2024, 10-12pm


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To deliver this course Fit for the Future are partnering with Pilio; a company born out of Oxford University that has been working for 20 years helping organisations in the charity sector with energy and carbon reduction.




Introduction: Get acquainted with the importance of energy management and its impact on organisational costs and sustainability goals.


·       Energy Use and Costs: Explore the basics of energy consumption patterns and how they contribute to operational expenses.

·       Energy Monitoring and Management: Learn effective strategies for monitoring energy usage and implementing management techniques to optimise efficiency.

·       Environmental Monitoring: Understand the significance of environmental monitoring in assessing energy usage and its broader ecological impact.


Q&A Session


·       Gas/Heating Use: Delve into best practices for managing gas and heating systems to maximise efficiency and minimise waste.

·       Ventilation: Discover strategies for optimising ventilation systems to enhance indoor air quality while minimising energy consumption.

·       Fabric: Explore the role of building fabric in energy efficiency and learn how to identify and address areas for improvement.


Q&A Session


·       Electricity: Gain insights into electricity consumption patterns and strategies for reducing usage and costs.

·       Retrofit Calculations: Learn about the process of retrofitting buildings for improved energy efficiency, including cost calculations and ROI analysis.

·       Heat Pumps: Explore the benefits and considerations of heat pump technology as a sustainable heating and cooling solution.

·       Extra Information: Wrap up with additional resources and information to support ongoing energy management efforts.