Date and Time

Thursday 4th July 10:30- 12pm


Free for members



The use of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors to evaluate how far advanced organisations are with sustainability has recently increased significantly in the private sector and the same expectation is now extending to charities.  The understanding of (and interaction with) ESG is varied amongst charities, with many not having ESG associated strategy and others now referring to activity that aligns with ESG reporting.

Areas for discussion include (and are not limited to):

·       What is ESG strategy and reporting?

·       Who is delivering ESG strategy and reporting?

·       Experience of ESG so far, what are the lesson learnt?

·       Should my organisation be delivering ESG strategy and reporting?

·       What are the priorities, challenges, benefits and opportunities?

·       What is the framework and criteria to identify, assess, report and manage sustainability-related risks and opportunities with regards to all organisation stakeholders?

·       Target setting, monitoring and reporting

·       What information, and resources are available to support you understand ESG and help you decide if and how your organisation should engage with it?  What organisations can directly support your ESG development and delivery?

·       How can you communicate and engage/involve all staff and stakeholders in ESG activity?

·       What support can the Fit for the Future network develop to help you understand ESG and develop and deliver a strategy?


Once you have registered, we will be in touch to identify any specific topics you would like the group to focus on.  Where possible we will identify a suitable guest speaker.


After a group discussion, the Fit for the Future team will lead you in smaller groups for you to share challenges, approaches, lessons learnt, opportunities, progress, questions and resources/tools used.


Any member is welcome to attend, regardless of previous experience or knowledge on this topic.  The workshop will be of benefit to all network members, whatever your size and scope of operations/activity.  From organisations just starting off to those already delivering waste policy and strategy there will be lots to share and collaborate on, from identifying collective challenges to learning from other approaches.