Date and Time

Thursday 30th May, 14:00 - 15:30


Free for members



An increasing and key focus for Fit for the Future members is the role of leaders in climate action activity and associated decision making within their organisations.  Specifically, how can leaders empower (and be empowered by) their colleagues to:

• Better understand their organisation’s environmental impacts and influence

• Achieve the rapid and far-reaching changes needed to decarbonise, adapt to climate change, build business resilience and drive positive environmental outcomes.

A wide range of Fit for the Future member organisations have expressed a requirement for support and guidance in this area.  To support its members, the Fit for the Future team will host an in-person leadership event in Autumn 2024 (date tbc). 


To ensure that a leadership in-person event best supports members in this key area, the Fit for the Future team will first host an online workshop to develop the in-person event objectives, content and format.  Fit for the Future members are invited to attend the online workshop, where we would love to hear your thoughts.  If you are a leader and/or would like to support leaders in your organisation, this online workshop will be for you.


Potential areas of review and discussion include:

• Does your organisation’s leadership have in-depth and up-to-date climate action experience and knowledge?

• Who would you like the in-person leadership event to be for?  What levels of leadership should we focus on, for example senior leaders and CEOs and/or middle management?

• What outcomes would you be looking from a leadership event?

• What should we ask/expect of leadership? 

• What do leaders need to empower them?  What are leaders asking for support with? or if you are a leader, what areas would you like more support with? 

• How do we develop leadership confidence and capability? For example, training/support in key targets and initiatives such as net zero, nature recovery etc.

• How can leaders identify and develop transformative change/shifts to support environmental sustainability? What are leadership trigger points?

• How can leaders develop an environmental sustainability culture within an organisation? How can you develop culture in partnership with processes and systems?

• How do you create narratives of change?

• How do you stop silos?

• What other ongoing support in the area of leadership would you like the Fit for the Future network to deliver


Attendees will be asked encouraged to complete a pre-workshop questionnaire. The questionnaire findings will be presented at the workshop and used to support the development of the leadership event objectives and format.