Date and Time

Thursday 8th September 14:00-15:30


Free for members



Developing an environmental sustainability policy and implementing a strategy to deliver objectives can often seem complex and daunting. How do you start and continue to update policy and strategy to reduce your environmental impact? In support of this we delivered (early this year) an environmental sustainability policy and strategy workshop, with Anna Frizzell, Sustainability Manager at RNLI providing an overview of the development of the RNLI policy. Please note recording (and associated resources) of this workshop 15/03/22 available in your members area.  An output of this workshop was to run a regular members discussion group on this topic.

This discussion group will provide you with an opportunity to discuss and review where your organisation is with developing a policy and implementing a strategy to deliver policy objectives. Whatever your size, scope of operations/activity this discussion group will be of use to you. From organisations just starting off to those already delivering an environmental sustainability policy and strategy there will be lots to share and collaborate on; from identifying collective challenges and opportunities to learning from other approaches.

Areas for discussion include (and are not limited to):

o   Understanding your organisation’s impact on the environment? How to start identifying the impacts your organisation or project can have in areas such as energy, water, transport, procurement and waste.

o   Developing a policy and implementing a strategy for improvement. One that includes all areas of your activity and impact. Identifying quick wins and identify what action can make the most difference. The challenge of net zero.

o   Getting buy in from the rest of your organisation. Engaging senior management through to all staff.

o   Identifying information and support to develop your policy and start delivering your strategy.

o   Setting targets and monitoring

o   Case studies, resources, guidance and support to share


Once you have registered, we will be in touch to identify any specific topics you would like the group to focus on. Where possible we will identify a suitable guest speaker.

After a group Q&A, the Fit for the Future team will lead you in smaller groups for you to share challenges, approaches, resources/tools used and lessons learnt.

Outcomes from this discussion group will be to inspire and support members (whatever your experience and knowledge) in developing and implementing an environmental policy and strategy.