Date and Time

Tuesday 26th October 14:00 – 15:00


Free for members



Fit for the Future, Oxfordshire Greentech and Bioregional have teamed up to bring you an online event to help members understand the terminology and complexity of climate change related language.


Very often the terminology associated with climate change can be confusing, inconsistent and not clearly defined.  With COP26 on the horizon, clarity and consistency has never been more important.


This online event will support attendees to:


-Have a better understanding of the terms and language used (to clarify common misconceptions and confusion), for example the difference between carbon neutrality and carbon net-zero
-Feel confident in using the correct language
-Keep up to date with terminology, by signposting to guidance and support (to enable these resources to be more accessible by reducing terminology barriers)

This interactive event is ideal for organisations starting out on their sustainability journey and those who have started to take action and are continuing to develop their strategy and activity.


This event is free for all members of Fit for the Future, Oxfordshire Greentech and Bioregional.