Are Fit for the Future Members Adapting to Climate Change?


Our survey reveals 50% of Fit for the Future members are ‘not yet’ dealing with climate change adaptation as part of their role, ahead of a new Fit for the Future initiative  to inspire action on this issue.


If not-for-profit organisations are to have successful and sustainable futures, responding to climate-change has to be high on the agenda. That’s why in our new four year strategy we’ve placed equal importance on both mitigation and adaptation. During regular updates with the hundreds of sustainability professionals in our Network, our team have been finding out about the impacts that extreme and changing weather are already having.

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But how are members faring when it comes to adapting to these impacts? We released a survey to find out, with some surprising results.


Are not-for-profits adapting to climate change-


This has given us a much clearer idea of where our members currently stand on the issue, and the size of the gap we need to bridge. Now we’ve got the knowledge, it’s time to act!

Our Climate Change Adaptation Group will begin work in the autumn, and see our members collaborating and sharing knowledge to become adaptive organisations together. The group will develop a shared approach to climate change adaptation for all members across the Network to ensure land and buildings become fit for the future.

We’re really pleased with the level involvement already: the group is spear-headed by National Trust and RSPB, with input from Historic England, the Royal Household, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, Sustainability West Midlands, Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic Environment Scotland.

Events are already in the pipeline to introduce the issue and get conversations and knowledge-sharing underway. The first opportunity to get involved is at a members’ roundtable in Scotland this September. Get in touch if you want to be part of this new initiative, placing our members at the forefront of climate-change adaptation in the not-for-profit sector and beyond.