A network of organisations from the not-for-profit sector and beyond, working together to become climate-friendly, adaptive and resilient

Vision and Mission


Our vision is to be climate-friendly, adaptive and resilient organisations


Fit for the Future’s mission is to support members to respond to the threat of dangerous climate change. To do this, we will develop our network – primarily for the not-for-profit sector – to enable honest and friendly collaboration between our members’ organisations. We will help members show clear benefits to becoming more sustainable and inspire others to follow.






 Members have the resources and support to carry out their environmental projects


To achieve this we will:

Build greater awareness of the network – and its vision and mission – among members’ senior managers

Develop a network of strategic partnerships, with organisations and individuals who are able to assist our members

Help members develop robust environmental planning, monitoring and reporting systems, so they can audit their actions and demonstrate business cases

Develop the Network’s internal resources – in terms of capacity, competence and technology – so it can deliver greater benefit to members




members reduce their carbon emissions


to achieve this we will:

Inspire action by showcasing lessons learnt from successful and unsuccessful energy projects, sharing practical knowledge and ideas

Increase uptake of renewable energy options amongst members by demonstrating clear benefits

Provide members with advice and tools to implement their own energy efficiency best practice and projects

Help members to set long- term carbon reduction strategies and appropriately ambitious targets by providing practical support





Members prepare their activities and organisations for climate change, to make them more robust and sustainable


to achieve this we will:

Inspire action by showcasing lessons learnt from successful and unsuccessful adaptation projects, by sharing practical knowledge and ideas

Help members understand the long-term impact of a changing climate across all their business activities, e.g. visitor sites, land-use, buildings, nature and health & safety

Promote best practice for sustainability resilience in various areas, including water, waste and biodiversity management

Help members to develop long- term plans for making their organisations climate-smart and sustainable





The Network and its members to be leader in the third sector for a low carbon transition and to inspire others to follow


to achieve this we will:

Share the success of members by showcasing their projects, so they can publicly demonstrate their
commitment to the environment

Grow the network with a focus on the third sector, aiming to at least double our membership by 2021

Develop the Network’s relations with Government, the media and other stakeholders in the low carbon space, to support this leadership role

Showcase the role of the Network itself in greening the third sector, to enable it to meet all the other objectives more easily