Whether it’s a simple phone call to swap ideas, a site-visit to see an environmental project in action, or a longer term collaboration, we link people up so they can work together and openly share knowledge and ideas to become climate-friendly, adaptive and resilient organisations. Here are a handful of our favourite 2019 matches so far to 'show the love' for the honesty and openness in our network, which is enabling collaboration and wider change. 

For the love of people and wildlife

Cancer Research and WWF

We connected Thea Hamilton, Sustainability Coordinator at Cancer Research, with Lauren Wiseman, Environment Manager at WWF, for insight into how to reduce the the use of single use plastics within an organisation – Lauren presented at a Cancer Research UK event, speaking on ‘WWF’s journey towards a more sustainable office’.

A great example of members working together to be the change they want to see!

For the love of heritage and craft beer

Adnams' distribution centre and green roof

Alfred Gillet Trust and Adnams

Samantha Bradley, Office Manager at the Alfred Gillet Trust was looking for guidance on living or green roofs and the ongoing management of these. We connected Samantha with Benjamin Orchard from Adnams brewery in Southwold, since Adnams’ distribution centre has the biggest green roof in Britain. They had a lot of useful knowledge to share!

For the love of canals and clean cars

Scottish Canals and Zero Carbon World

Olivia Lassiere, Environment Manager at Scottish Canals, had lots of questions about introducing electric vehicles to the work fleet and making sure all staff were happy with the change. We connected Olivia with Cara Nadan, Trustee at Zero Carbon World. Cara provided Olivia with advice, mobile apps and useful links to support Olivia in taking the next steps.

 For the love of puppies and people

Fit for the Future visit the Guide Dogs breeding centre

Guide Dogs and Cancer Research

Hannah Laywood, Sustainability Engagement Officer at Guide Dogs was looking for advice on water companies. The Network connected Hannah up with Alessandra McConville, Environment and Sustainability Manager at Cancer Research who was more than happy to discuss their recent experiences with changing water companies and advise on best options!

For the love of mountains and churches

The British Mountaineering Council and Historic Environment Scotland

The British Mountaineering Council’s office is based in an old church, one side of which is in a conservation area. They asked us for advice on how to make the building more energy efficient, so we linked them up with several organisations who have experienced of reducing energy use in listed buildings. Historic Environment Scotland provided guides and case studies from their own project to help BMC meet their goals. 

This is a great example of existing expertise and solutions being tapped into to save time and money.


We are heartened every day by the support our members show each other in order to instigate effective, practical change. A huge thank you to all of our members for making this possible! To see how hundreds of other organisations and thousands of individuals across the UK are showing the love, visit the Climate Coalition twitter feed. If you are not a Fit for the Future member but your organisation would like to be part of a collaborative, practical approach to tackling climate-change, contact Polly.