Feel Good News Feed

 If you’re in need of a clean energy boost, look no further. The Network is packed with positive stories, brought to you every month through our Feel Good News Feed.


Electricity customers are coming together to take control of how they use and pay for power. A group of home owners in Bethesda, Wales are part of a ground-breaking trial that aims to connect communities with locally owned renewable generators and significantly reduce their energy bills in the process. More here.


The Centre for Sustainable Energy are preventing illness by tackling cold homes in Bristol with interventions making  big difference to people’s heath and quality of life. Check out the full report


The Crown Estate are encouraging greener, cleaner energy in the communitywith the installation of solar powered smart benches on busy shopping streets. More here


The last major National Trust property in Wales to be powered by oil will soon run off clean energy as plans get underway to install a biomass boiler at Penrhyn Castle. The project is now into implementation and delivery. More here


The Welsh team have also been internationally recognised for their commitment to social, environmental and economic responsibility as they scoop a Corporate Social Responsibility Award. 


Twelve pioneering sustainable energy projects have been recognised and celebrated as winners of the Ashden Awards 2016 Winner’s stories reveal how innovations are changing lives and communities with an inspiring mix of new solutions. Read about the winners here


Scottish Canals have given the green light for safer, brighter travel as they install LED, solar powered lights along towpaths at The Helix. More here.


The RNLI in Redcar is helping local sailors stay safe with the help of a wind farm.  The new weather station, bought with the help of the Tees Offshore Community Benefit Fund, gives direct readings of wind speed and conditions with the help of the clean-energy generating turbines. More here


Fit for the Future has been nominated for a Business Green Award for engagement work across its membership organisations. Cross your fingers on July 6th! More here.


And finally…


We welcome new members, Somerset House and West Suffolk Council . Check out how annual carbon emissions at Somerset House Aare forecast to be reduced by 16% thanks to an ambitious services retrofit of the Grade I listed building.