Energy Managers

Energy leads and those responsible for energy reduction, generation and compliance within their organisations share experiences and knowledge. Topics covered include:

  • Legislation and policy related to energy use and generation
  • strategy and governance relating to energy
  • Measuring energy use/ generation
  • Reporting on energy use/ generation



EMS managers and those focusing on environmental improvements get together to share knowledge, information and progress related to:

  • Implementation of environmental management system (EMS)
  • EMS schemes and standards
  • Environmental legislation and compliance
  • Reviewing and improving EMS


Transport and Travel

An in-depth exploration of different aspects of sustainable travel and transport including:

  • Visitor travel
  • Fleet Management
  • Collecting, monitoring and reporting on travel
  • Staff travel – business and commute



Network members meet to discuss issues relating to waste management including:

  • Waste contracts
  • Visitor and staff engagement
  • Recycling issues
  • Hard-to-treat waste
  • Supply chains


Behaviour Change

This group is a sounding board for ideas and challenges related to behaviour change. The group covers:

  • Behaviour change programmes and case studies
  • Challenges and solutions
  • Communicating messages and tracking results
  • ‘ask the expert’ sessions and workshops


Climate Change Adaptation

This group seeks to develop a shared approach to climate change adaptation across the network to ensure that land and buildings are fit for the future.