Heritage That’s Fit for the Future: Collaboration with HLF Announced

Ros Kerslake, Chief Executive of the Heritage Lottery Fund, announces that HLF will be encouraging their grantees to become part of Fit for the Future.


The announcement was made today during a keynote speech at our annual membership event, the Network Harvest. The Heritage Lottery Fund will be working closely with us to help the people and projects they support take action on climate change and ensure a sustainable future for our heritage.

“we are only trustees for those that come after us.”


sara hlf

Sara, head of Historic Environment at HLF


Ros Kerslake said:


“As the largest funder of heritage projects in the UK, the Heritage Lottery Fund has always been acutely aware of its responsibility. We aim to show leadership and to encourage all involved to act as good custodians so that we can pass on our heritage for future generations to enjoy.”


“However, we recognise that some organisations will need support to fully embrace the principles and practice of environmental sustainability and so we are delighted to announce today that we are building a closer relationship with Fit for the Future, this fantastic network of organisations dedicated to helping people and projects to ‘go green’.”


“We absolutely support the Fit for the Future principle that, more often than not, the solution is already out there when it comes to making buildings, land and whole organisations more sustainable. We will therefore be encouraging grantees, new and old, to become part of the network so that they can learn from others and in time share their own stories so that together we continue to develop good practice in this field.”



HLF were one of the first major funders to focus attention on the issue of environmental sustainability, introducing their first environmental impact policy in 2008. They are the largest dedicated funder of heritage in the UK and advocate for the value of heritage. Since 1994, they have awarded £7.7billion to over 42,000 projects.


HLF funded projects are already doing great things in terms of environmental sustainability, but by pooling knowledge and resources we can achieve much more for the future of our heritage and our environment. Our latest impact report reveals how sustainability is making a real different to members, and some of the many ways in which our network we will support HLF grantees.