The Salvation Army Trading Company LTD

Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd is the trading arm of the Salvation Army charity in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Established in 1991, it's aim is to help fund The Salvation Army’s vital work with vulnerable people in the UK,  raising money and encourage reuse and recycling through a network of over 200 charity shops and a clothing collection division. As well as 246 shops it includes 10 donation centres, 2 superstores, warehouses and a head office/support centre. 

The trading company are working towards a target of zero waste. Less than 1% of what it collects through the clothing collection initiatives is sent to landfill, while the other 99% is reused or recycled.

It has a sustainability plan in place with the four pillars being: 

1. Clean Air
2. Waste
3. Energy
4. Improving workplace environment

An environmental steering group is in place and the focus is on improving internal sustainability as well as tackling the bigger issue of textile waste in the UK.  In joining Fit for the Future, the trading company hopes to be linked with organisations that have similar challenges to share practical solutions and ideas. 

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Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion is a charity that supports the UK's Armed Forces community. They have 235,000 members, 110,000 volunteers and are at the heart of a network of partners and charities; helping to give support wherever and whenever it’s needed.


A big focus of their sustainability work is developing a sustainable and ethical procurement policy which will be embedded across all organisational activity and underpin future business operations. They are looking at different models, including a circular economy model and a shared value model, to help think about the products they are buying in. They also want to look at energy use, carbon and waste, and reduce overall consumption.

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Architectural Heritage Fund 

Architectural Heritage Fund help communities across the UK to revitalise old buildings by providing advice, grants and loans, and putting sustainable heritage at the heart of vibrant local economies.


They are UK wide, and are currently running projects that focus on high streets and charitable community groups, advising on developing and running heritage buildings. Sustainability is firmly on the agenda for AHF, firstly in terms of managing their own office, travel and internal policies. They would also like to learn more about sustainability in order to assess applications with that in mind, and encourage more of their grantees’ projects to consider and integrate environmental sustainability.

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