We are operating in unprecedented and challenging times, and almost everyone has been impacted by the coronavirus situation. Many of our members are facing difficult months ahead, and Fit for the Future is not immune from these impacts. Since our inception we have been supported and hosted by National Trust, which has seen a huge impact as a result of property closures across the UK. As such, they have made the decision to furlough many of their staff, including the Fit for the Future team. 

This means that Fit for the Future activities and events will be temporarily paused until the furlough period comes to an end.  

Our event on ‘Unpicking Net Zero’ will go ahead for all those who have already registered, and new details will be sent out to our members. All other events currently planned will be on hold until the team returns.  

Rest assured this is a temporary pause in activity, and Fit for the Future will be returning in earnest as soon as possible to continue the great work that has already begun this year. 

In the meantime we encourage all of our members to continue knowledge-sharing and collaborating via the Members’ Area, and working with one another during this difficult time. 

Thank you to all our members for your ongoing support, commitment and patience, we look forward to catching up with you again soon. 

Stay safe and well.