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Demonstrating the power of collaboration when it comes to addressing climate change and finding ways of working that benefit the natural world, the report reveals how more than eighty organisations and hundreds of practitioners have been sharing ideas and practical solutions via our network in order to become climate-friendly, adaptive and resilient.

Fit for the Future is a cross-sectoral network with members in the not-for-profit, heritage, public, arts and commercial sectors. The breadth of the network enables good ideas to be shared freely between sectors and organisations. It works using a unique peer-to-peer model that focuses on linking up individual practitioners in order that knowledge and expertise can be shared.


A context of urgency and demand

Addressing climate change and providing environmental benefit has shot up the agenda for many organisations since Fit for the Future was founded by the National Trust and Ashden in 2013. With this new sense of urgency has come a wave of public awareness and concern; the demand for organisations across all sectors to demonstrate their commitment to decarbonisation, as well as switch to practices that benefit rather than damage the environment, has never been higher. Our events, one-to-one links up between individual practitioners, meetings, resources and workshops are helping members to move on more quickly and successfully with this urgent work. 

Celebrating Sector Leaders 

Many of our member organisations are leading the way in their respective sectors by moving away from fossil-fuel produced energy and towards renewables, improving energy efficiency and significantly reducing their organisation's overall carbon emissions. The report celebrates member success stories and hones in on the specific topics tackled by Fit for the Future in 2019: land use and management, developing sustainability strategies, securing buy-in, mitigation and energy, and climate change adaptation. 



Fit for the Future in 2020

Over the coming year we will be building on 2019 achievements by:

  • Stepping up to the plate to reflect the sense of urgency through our communication, focus and ambition
  • Working with new sectors – success in meeting national targets and addressing the crisis means bringing everyone to the table
  • Forging new partnerships, members and opportunities for collaboration
  • Delivering a dynamic and relevant events programme, that responds to your needs and covers the breadth of climate change and sustainability issues. View the programme here.

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