A Website that’s Fit for the Future


Nine months into its life, the Fit for the Future Network had attracted over ninety members including some of the UK’s biggest land owning organisations. With ever-growing support and a number of budding partnerships, the steering group decided that the Network was ready to stand on its own two feet.  As well as an individual identity, the team wanted to create an online platform for the Network that would serve as a hub for members and showcase successes so far.

A website that’s Fit for the Future

It made sense that the Network’s new online home should be ‘Fit for the Future’, so we searched for the best people to help us achieve this. Award winning Base Creative not only run a pro bono service for charities but have a number of sustainable business credentials that made them a perfect match for the project.

Carbon Neutral and Renewable

Base Creative’s offices are in the Business Design Centre in London, which became the first CarbonNeutral venue in the UK in 2010. The servers used to host and support websites are maintained by Rackspace, whose UK office and data centre sites are both powered by 100% certified renewable energy.

Base Creative and Fit for the Future

Supporting Charities

Each year, Base Creative embarks on a mission to find London based charities that could really benefit from working with a design agency but may not otherwise have the funds to do so. This Work With Us programme is a pro bono scheme with £25,000 of funding available. Fit for the Future Network was able to develop a new online home thanks to the scheme.

Network coordinator, Chloe Hampson explains:

Suggested Quote “We’re really pleased to have been a part of Base Creative’s Work With Us programme and couldn’t be happier with the new website and branding. It’s fantastic that Base Creative are supporting charities and helping them to progress with projects like this. The Network is all about collaboration and sharing, which have both been integral to the project. A big thank you to the Base Creative team for all their hard work.”

Et voila! A clean, simple visual identity and website was launched in September of 2014. You can contact the Base Creative team to find out more about their opportunities for charities and read more about the Network’s journey here.