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Water Management


Centre for Alternative Technology – a case study by Fit for the Future with CAT

cThe Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) is an education and visitor centre in Machynlleth, Wales demonstrating practical solutions for sustainability.

The aim of this case study is to educate people on CAT’s solutions to water management. They are completely off the ‘water grid’ which includes eco-sanitation projects, naturally filtering water, three hydro-electric turbines and even a hydro powered train.

Download the case study HERE

Hollickwood Primary School – a case study by Fit for the Future and WWT

eIn 2012 a sustainable drainage system (SuDS) was installed at Hollickwood Primary School by WWT. This project helped to solve water quality and flooding issues as well as to enrich the school’s natural environment and offer an educational experience.

Download the case study HERE

Slimbridge Visitor Centre – a case study by Fit for the Future and WWT

cIn 1999 The Millennium wetland treatment system (WTS) was commissioned, and treats all sewage from the Slimbridge visitor centre, office areas, kitchen, and three residential homes. The system  not only remediates effluent, but also provides habitat which benefits wildlife and has amenity, and educational value.

Download the case study HERE

Calke Abbey – a case study by the National Trust

CaptureIn 2012 Calke Abbey installed a rainwater harvesting system for garden irrigation. The garden was previously watered exclusively by Mains water. However the primary supply is now harvested rainwater and Mains is only used to top up in periods of little or no rainfall. The costs savings were expected to be around £625/year with this number increasing as Mains water costs rise.

Download the case study HERE