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Centre for Alternative Technology – a case study by the Fit for the Future with CAT


The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) is an education and visitor centre in Machynlleth, Wales demonstrating practical solutions for sustainability.

This case study’s aim is to educate people on their use of solar PV which includes two major roof installations and many other smaller examples on site.

Download the case study HERE

Hanbury Hall – a case study by the National Trust

CaptureIn 2009 Hanbury Hall installed solar thermal units to provide hot water to flats greatly reducing their emissions and heating costs. The carbon savings amount to between approximately 1,700kg and 2,600kg CO2 per annum.

Download the case study HERE 

Lindsfarme Castle – a case study by the National Trust

CaptureIn 2011 Lindsfarme Castle installed a 12KW solar PV array on their main roof. Electrical savings as at end of May 2013 were 10,619 kWh and projected annual savings were expected to be £1,135.

Download the case study here HERE