A network of organisations from the not-for-profit sector and beyond, working together to become climate-friendly, adaptive and resilient

Field Studies Council


Fit for the Future has been a very useful network for myself and colleagues within the Field Studies Council. We’ve attended free events and site visits covering topics ranging from sustainable transport and procurement to responsible retrofit and sustainable gardens.

sustainable gardens

At these events, we’ve been able to talk to people from other organisations who have faced similar problems or challenges, and learn from them in order to find solutions. Being part of the Network means we are not working in the dark, and has given us the confidence to look wider when it comes to solutions and possibilities.

I attended Fit for the Future Network’s Responsible Retrofit Conference in June 2015 and picked up a lot of really useful information that has influenced our plans when making upgrades to Field Studies Council centres.

32 - Retrofit conf

The workshop on STBA’s guidance wheel and how to use it was particularly relevant, and has enabled us to identify the most appropriate measures and materials to use when retrofitting different types of buildings. Learnings from the workshop directly influenced plans for upgrading one of our newly acquired centres at Millport in Scotland, where we decided to go for external cladding to tackle weather proofing and insulation.

I have shared the guidance wheel with colleagues at centres around the country so we can refer to this for best practice when making upgrades. I have also spoken to other Network members about using smart meters in listed buildings and how to go about installing these at FSC sites.