A network of organisations from the not-for-profit sector and beyond, working together to become climate-friendly, adaptive and resilient

Events & Workshops


The conferences, workshops, webinars, meetings and site visits we organise across the UK are all geared towards giving you the tools, information and support you need to make your organisations climate-friendly and resilient. Events are free for Network members.  Take a look at our latest events programme.


Larger events


Ranging from conferences and round-tables to regional networking afternoons, we host a range of larger events throughout the year. Fit for the Future belongs to its members, so they decide on the topics. We find out what would be most useful to you and involve the people that have the expertise to deliver that, either from within the Network or the wider sustainability sector. Our Responsible Retrofit Conference and our Network Harvest are great examples of this.


Special Interest Groups


Our special interest groups enable members to come together and discuss more specific areas of sustainability such as Energy Management and Behaviour Change. They’re an opportunity to get together with  people from different organisations who have similar responsibilities so you can share your projects, challenges and solutions. Our Energy Managers group and its success is a great example of how this works. Read about the group’s achievements here. 

Current special interest groups include Energy Management, Behaviour Change, Climate Change Adaptation, Waste and Sustainable Gardens.



We run online webinars so you can access more information without having to travel. In 2016 we ran a successful series on waste and water management with case studies and project dissemination from the National Trust, The Crown Estate, Field Studies Council and Adnams. Resources and templates covered in the webinars were then shared in our Members’ Area.


Site visits


Olivia-LassiareSite visits are a chance to meet fellow members one-to-one or in a smaller group and get an inside look at their sustainability work. Visit buildings or estates and take a tour with the people who implemented the projects and who can tell you about the challenges and successes. When Scottish Canals needed some inspiration for their first Environment Strategy we arranged for them to go on a site visit to a National Trust site in Wales. Read about the results here.






We facilitate focused workshops on issues such as climate change adaptation and energy monitoring, bringing in experts from within the Network and wider sustainability sector to give you the tools and information you need.