Date and Time

Thursday 14th July 2022, 10:30-12pm


Free for members



Behaviour change is fundamental to many areas of sustainability such as energy, transport, waste, procurement and land use.  Whether delivering a specific initiative or developing a broader sustainability strategy that moves you towards net zero; understanding and supporting behaviour change can enable significant progress in many areas from low-cost actions to maximising the benefits of technology.  It has a key role in supporting organisations to decarbonise, adapt to climate change, build business resilience and drive positive environmental impacts at a local, regional and national levels.

Our Behaviour Change Discussion Group meeting covers a broad range of issues that organisations face when delivering change with staff, members, customers, suppliers or partners, including:

·       Behaviour change models, frameworks and programmes

·       Challenges and solutions (including how to develop strategy and “quick wins”)

·       What are the necessary conditions that need to interact for behaviour change to occur?  What are the values that shape sustainable behaviours?

·       Practical behaviour change approaches in sustainably

·       Communicating messages and tracking results

·       Resources, guidance and case studies


Once you have registered, we will be in touch to identify any specific topics you would like the group to focus on.  Where possible we will identify a suitable guest speaker.

After a group Q&A, the Fit for the Future team will lead you in smaller groups for you to share challenges, approaches, resources/tools used and lessons learnt.

Any member is welcome to attend, regardless of previous experience or knowledge on this topic.  The workshop will be of benefit to all network members, whatever your size and scope of operations/activity.  From organisations just starting off to those already delivering energy policy and strategy there will be lots to share and collaborate on, from identifying collective challenges to learning from other approaches.