Date and Time

Thursday 28th October 2021 10:30-12:00


Free for members



Behaviour change is fundamental to many areas of sustainability such as energy, transport, waste, procurement and land use.  Whether delivering a specific initiative or developing a broader sustainability strategy that moves you towards net zero; understanding and supporting behaviour change can enable significant progress in many areas from low-cost actions to maximising the benefits of technology.


This interactive virtual event will be led by Dr Jo Hale, Senior Research Associate at UCL Centre for Behaviour Change.  It will include:


·       An introduction to behaviour change models. What are the necessary conditions that need to interact for behaviour change to occur?  What are the values that shape sustainable behaviours?


·       Practical behaviour change approaches in sustainably, how do you:

o   Specify the target behaviour you want to change

o   Understand what drives that behaviour

o   Select an appropriate intervention


·       An interactive session looking at your organisation’s sustainable challenges and how behaviour change could support positive progress.


·       Behaviour change case studies in waste and transport


This virtual event will be the first of a series of behaviour change events that we will be delivering in the coming year.  It will be of interest to organisations of all types and sizes.  Whether interacting with staff, members, customers, suppliers or partners; behaviour change can enable significant progress in all areas of your sustainability strategy and activity.