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Energy Management Group

A number of Fit for the Future Network membership organisations were required to comply with a new government scheme, ESOS by the end of 2015.  The scheme involves audits of the energy used by the organisation in order to identify energy saving opportunities.

Since it was a new scheme, organisations had no experience of best practice strategies for compliance, or which sampling and auditing techniques to use. Fit for the Future Network therefore set up a working group so that practitioners could test out ideas and work together to achieve compliance.

ESOS header

The meetings have been highly productive and will continue into 2016. Here’s what some of the members have to say about them:

“I found out about the governments Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) at a meeting organised by the Fit for the Future Network. After speaking to practitioners from other organisations about the legislation, I looked it up and found that Field Studies Council needed to comply. Prior to this I didn’t know anything about it!

I then began the process of audits, during which I shared plans and exchanged information with the National Trust and other organisations who were submitting. I went from knowing nothing to the Field Studies Council being the 14th company to complete the assessment scheme. Learning through the Network enabled crucial time saving. Based on the recommendations given to us through ESOS, we are now looking into upgrading lights and lamps, and looking at light levels to reduce energy use.”

Mark Bolland- Director of Operations- Field Studies Council


“One of the reasons the Fit for the Future Network has been so useful and relevant to me is that meetings and events are free- often similar events cost a lot more for charities, which makes it really difficult to keep up to date with everything. The Network’s ESOS meetings have enabled me to initially understand the legislation and then collaborate with others on routes to compliance.

At the first meeting, the Network arranged for two representatives from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to be present, which was hugely helpful. I got a really good overview of not just what the legislation is and what it contains, but also the context, which cleared up a lot of ambiguities for me. Just having the opportunity to sit down for a few hours and find out how you should read the guidance saved hours of research- I don’t even know if it would have been possible for me to find out some of the information otherwise!

Creating that network of peers who are going through the same process has also been invaluable. It’s reassuring to know you’re on the right track and have a sounding board for any problems or challenges.” 

Johanna Gosling- Environmental Manager- Oxfam GB


The meetings were very useful to Historic England, as it was a forum for all members to see how others were approaching compliance – especially in how much consultants were charging and whether in-house resources could be used instead to save money. 

It was also very good that Fit for the Future Network were able to get representatives from DECC to answer our questions about compliance and explain the guidance documents.” 

Caroline Cattini- Senior Building Services and Energy Manager- Historic England