Dame Helen Ghosh – (former) Director General, National Trust

My “lightbulb moment” was seeing the pictures of large chunks of National Trust coastline falling into the sea at Birling Gap in Sussex in winter storms a few years ago. It couldn’t have sent a more powerful message about the devastating effect that climate change is having – and that we need to take action now.

The National Trust is well on the way to getting 50% of its operational energy needs from renewable sources by 2020, and to making significant cuts in energy use despite more visitors and longer opening. But we’ll want to be even more ambitious for 2030, and we’ll need to learn lots from what others are doing if we are to succeed!

Dominic Hare – CEO Blenheim Palace

My lightbulb moment was watching lines of cars queue for a major event at the palace – everyone else was worrying about how we get them in quicker, I was gulping at how inadequate our shared transport infrastructure was, meaning that everyone was in half empty cars

Future vision for your organisation: We have a public goal to become a net generator of green energy in ten years

Nicola Walker – Head of Collection Care and Access, The Whitworth and the Manchester Museum

Lightbulb moment’: It was literally that! A month before he died in Sept 1998, my father put a low energy light bulb in my dining room – it lasted for 10 years. Just before this, I’d been amazed at the recycling of household waste I’d witnessed while visiting a friend living in Australia (including a compost loo) – I suppose it’s all the small changes that we can all do to contribute to global change that are inspiring.

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Ruth Knight – Environmental Policy Officer, Church of England

Lightbulb moment’: Despite always loving nature and being outdoors as a result of a childhood spent running feral in woodland behind our house I didn’t really appreciate the importance of environmental sustainability until as an architecture student I read Susan Roaf’s book Ecohouse. This book not only made the urgent need for action on climate change clear but showed how responding to it meant challenging the status quo (always a particularly attractive concept as a student) and creating beautiful design. I loved the idea that mitigation and adaptation to climate change didn’t have to just mean sacrificing things.

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Caroline Cattini – Senior Engineer and Energy Manager, Historic England

‘Lightbulb moment’: Seeing changes in the climate where I live and visit and having that actual evidence that it is happening and we are now seeing the effects of it.

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