A network of organisations from the not-for-profit sector and beyond, working together to become climate-friendly, adaptive and resilient

What is the Fit for the Future Network?





Sharing Sustainable Solutions



Fit for the Future is a solution-sharing network for organisations that want to become more sustainable, reduce their energy bills and lower the impact they have on the environment. It works on the principle that, more often than not, the solutions are already out there.

By tapping into the collective knowledge of hundreds of environmental practitioners from more than eighty organisations, our members are able to find solutions quickly and achieve greater success. Take a look at our progress report to find out what we have achieved so far.


The Network is about showing and doing. We organise regular events and site visits to enable learning and sharing amongst members. We also encourage project collaboration and informal peer-reviews. It’s all about taking a practical approach to sustainability.


Who’s already on board?




Our eighty-strong membership includes some of the UK’s largest land and property owning organisations as well as charities, public sector organisations and community energy groups.  The RNLI, Cancer Research UK, Oxford University and The Crown Estate are just a handful of those already on board. Here’s the full list.

Charitable objectives

The Network is aimed at practitioners as opposed to suppliers, consultants or developers. All of those working within our member organisations are automatically members themselves. This includes catering and procurement staff, rangers and woodland managers, engineers, environmental advisors and sustainability managers.


Members can use the time and money saved by being involved in the Network to meet core objectives. For the RNLI, generating income from renewables means they can raise more money to spend on lifeboats. The RSPB are able to deliver better conservation by increasing energy efficiency, and the National Trust .


If you’re not already a member, get in touch for a chat about how the Network can benefit your organisation.