A network of organisations from the not-for-profit sector and beyond, working together to become climate-friendly, adaptive and resilient


What is Fit for the Future?


Fit for the Future is a network of more than 500 people from 81 organisations in the not-for-profit sector and beyond. Its members are working together to make their organisations climate-friendly, adaptive and resilient. The Network is run by a central team who make connections between members so they can share knowledge and experience. It operates on the principle that, more often than not, the solution is already out there when it comes to making buildings, land and whole organisations more sustainable. Here’s the full story on why we exist and how we’re achieving our aims. 


Together, we are becoming climate-friendly, adaptive and resilient organisations


The Network provides a number of services that help members achieve success with their environmental projects. This means they can save their organisations money and resources for the things that really matter.


NT296 FFF Impact Report 2017_Pages7Read more about the impact we are having

Who is the Network for?


Fit for the Future is for anyone tasked with making their organisation more sustainable in whatever form that comes. The hundreds of individuals in the network include estates managers, environmental advisers, engineers, procurement specialists, energy managers and more. Its member organisations are a diverse collective, mainly from the not-for-profit sector, and include RNLI, Oxfam GB, The National Trust, RSPB, The Crown Estate and Cancer Research UK.

NT219-Testimonials-770-x-500-px-1How is the Network organised?


Fit for the Future is a partnership between the sustainability charity, Ashden and the National Trust. Its life officially began in 2012 when the National Trust team won an Ashden Gold Award for outstanding achievements in their energy saving and generation work. Here’s the full story and an introduction to the network team. 


Our board, chaired by Sir Ed Davey, was set up in 2016 to support the strategic development of the Network as it continues to grow. Board members represent organisations from within the Network including the RNLI, National Trust, RSPB and The Crown Estate. Read more about them and their interests here.