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Buildings for the Future Conference

Buildings for the Future Conference



Our Buildings for the Future conference was held on 5th July at Watershed in Bristol, and was for practitioners from across the sectors who are involved in or about to embark upon a buildings project. It also looked at how members can effectively manage their buildings to ensure they perform at their best. Below are the presentations and workshops available to download:



Martin Roscoe, Building Surveyor at National Trust – 545 Abbott Street

Sam Clarke & Fabien Le Dem

Associate Mechanical Engineer and West Lead for Lighting Design Arup at Arup – Watershed

Nicola Walker, Head of Collections Care and Access at The Whitworth/Manchester Museum – The Whitworth



Catherine Bottrill, Creative Green Lead at Julie’s Bicycle – Energy Reporting and Monitoring

Ted Connell, Ben Galuza, Marco Treglia at Elemeta Consulting – The Living Building Challenge

Workshop Notes: Living Building Challenge


Additional notes: (presentations, panel discussion, energy reporting workshop)


Thanks to Arup for sponsoring the event


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