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Welcome to The Woodland Trust

Welcome to The Woodland Trust


The Woodland Trust – the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity.


Fit for the Future Network welcomed The Woodland Trust as members earlier this year, and Nick Hall, Environment and Safety Manager, tells us their story so far…. 

“We’ve grown to more than 500,000 members and supporters and more than 1,000 sites, covering over 26,000 hectares, all over the UK. 

We protect and campaign on behalf of this country’s woods, plant trees, and restore ancient woodland for the benefit of wildlife and people. 

We want to see a UK rich in woods and trees, enjoyed and valued by everyone. 

As part of our drive to be sustainable we a have a clear Environmental policy driven by our “Greening The Trust Group”.

This group included representatives from across the Trust and even includes our CEO! It aims to ensure that everything from our waste production, our use of paper, our fleet footprint and even our garden at HQ is managed sustainably. All of our activities are certified and accredited by the FSC.

In coming years, the Trust is looking forward to developing its 10 year Environmental strategy and maybe even going for environmental accreditation….”

We are delighted to have the Woodland Trust as members of the Network and look forward working with them as they develop their strategy. 


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