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Regional Networking Events

Regional Networking Events

Earlier this year, the Network hosted regional networking events in York, Chester, Exeter and Ipswich.

Each day opened with an opportunity for delegates to introduce themselves and what they were at the event to find out. This allowed people highlight the people they would like to talk to them in the tea and coffee breaks and networking sessions. Each event then had its own informative and interesting set of speakers to talk about case studies in the region. Below is a brief synopsis of the presentations at each event and a link to their presentation:

York – Heritage

Dr Mairi Davies, Historic Environment Scotland – Energy efficiency and behaviour change at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Mairi explained how an impressive 44% reduction in carbon emissions was achieved, using retrofitting, behaviour change and innovative technologies – including heat mats for staff on cold welcome desks!

Historic Environment Scotland – Mairi Davies

Denise Loten, National Trust– Renewing the renewables at Gibson Mill

Denise presented on the exciting topic of renewing the renewable technology at Gibson Mill. Delegates were intrigued by the 12 years of experience in renewable technologies that Gibson Mill has and finding out about future plans for renewing some of these technologies.

National Trust – Denise Loten

Gibson Mill Case Studies

Nicholas Heath STBA (Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance) – Good Practice in traditional building retrofit

The talk focused on the problems that can arise from inappropriate retrofitting of heritage and traditional buildings. In addition Nicholas provided some invaluable resources for our members so that they do not run in to the same problems.


Chester – Innovation

Tamara Hunt, University of Chester – Case study on recent energy efficiency measures and solar PV installation

Delegates enjoyed the case study that Tamara presented on the installation of solar PV and LED lighting on the University of Chester buildings.

University of Chester – Tamara Hunt

University of Chester Solar PV Project Poster

Rachel Smith, Severn Wye Energy Agency – Dr Rachel Smith presents trials on producing biochar from under-utilised biomass

Rachel talked to the delegates about the previous innovative projects that Severn Wye Agency have been involved with and the success stories that surround them. She then went on to introduce a new project, which involved the production of biochar and activated charcoal from waste biomass.

Severn Wye Energy Agency – Rachel Smith

Jonathan Abra, Knowledge Transfer Network tapping into funding opportunities for innovation

Jonathan gave an introduction to what the Knowledge Transfer Network does and the opportunities that are available for organisations to gain funding for projects in a wide variety of fields.

Knowledge Transfer Network – Jonathan Abra


Exeter – Keeping out the Cold

Becky McHale, National Trust – Case study on biomass and hydro installations at Castle Drogo

Becky explained to delegates how Castle Drogo set to achieve its aim of getting off oil and improve the energy efficiency of the castle. The targets for this project are being exceeded with 70 % of the heat and energy being provided from a combination of hydro-electric and biomass boilers.

National Trust – Becky McHale

Keith Webber, Okehampton College – Programme of renewables and energy efficiency measures

The emphasis of Keith’s presentation was on how much energy and money can be saved through simply monitoring the energy and gas usage of a site. On one of the sites that Keith Worked on, there was a £60 000 a year saving on energy and water bills.

Okehampton College – Keith Webber


Ipswich – Partnerships

David Walton, Suffolk Climate Change Partnership – overview of the partnership, with case studies of projects delivered in the region

David talked delegates through the Suffolk Climate Change Action Plan and how targets are being met through a variety of ways, mainly focusing on the importance of organisational partnerships. This work has resulted in a £1.5 million saving since 2008.

Suffolk County Council – David Walton

Richard Carter, Adnams – how partnerships and collaboration have led to an award winning sustainability programme

Delegates received an insight into how Adnams are reducing their impact on the environment with a wide range of measures: anaerobic digester, bio-methane HGV, micro hydro-electricity, heat recovery systems and electric vehicles.

Adnams – Richard Carter

To finish off the event, each member had a chance to share their most valuable resource. Below is a list of resources collated from the events:

Useful Resources – Chester

Useful Resources – Exeter (Castle Drogo)

Cost Calculator – Kieth Webber

Business Case Template

Useful Resources – Ipswich

If you would like to find out any more information about these topics, or are interested in attending a similar event, please get in touch.


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