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Good News!

Good News!




CSECentre for Sustainable Energy have been commissioned by Greater London Authority to explore the challenges and opportunity of providing Londoners with smart energy.



Historic Environment ScotlandHE_logo_RGB for web useAn exciting new partnership between Historic Environment Scotland, Historic England and the Welsh Historic Environment Service (Cadw) has been made to boost the sustainability of Construction in the UK.



National Trust

Congratulations to the National Trust for completing the 15 year long project to restore the historic paths of Walk Wood. Recycled woodchip sourced from the estate was used for the 75 cubic meters of paths, so that visitors can get up-close and personal with the bluebells with-out harming them.



SWM logoSustainability West Midlands announced that they are offering up to £5000 to small businesses to help pay for the installations of energy efficient solutions.



Historic House Association

Historic Houses Association announces that Thirlestane Castle in Lauder has received the largest ever funding award from LEADER in the Scottish Borders. The Castle have been granted £150,000 to conserve and promote the heritage associated with the 16th century Castle, its contents and its grounds.



Well done to Peak District National Park for securing £1.2 million Partnership investment to protect unique moorland.




CRT logo

Canal and River Trust are supporting local wildlife and restoring gaps in the hedge rows of Macclesfield canal by planting fruit trees along the canal.




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