A network of organisations from the not-for-profit sector and beyond, working together to become climate-friendly, adaptive and resilient

Fit for the Future is supporting hundreds of people from more than eighty not-for-profits and beyond to make their organisations climate-friendly, adaptive and resilient. We offer:


Practical support


  • Tailored link-ups: the Network team connects you with the right people, sets up meetings and facilitates partnerships and collaborations
  • Shared resources: you’ll get access to shared resources and templates from people who’ve already completed the sustainability work you’re about to undertake
  • Peer consultancies: receive a free peer consultancy from a fellow Network member, who will review your site or building and offer impartial advice based on their own relevant experiences
  • On hand support: That’s what we’re here for. Call us for practical advice and information to help you move forward with your environmental projects

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  • Events: ranging from round-tables and regional networking afternoons to large conferences, we host free events all over the UK. Our Responsible Retrofit Conference and Network Harvest are great examples of this
  • Special interest groups: groups of members come together to discuss specific areas of interest, such as Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and behaviour change. Join a group of your peers to share challenges, solutions and resources
  • Webinars:  So you can access the Network from anywhere. Our webinars include valuable case studies and presentations from Network members covering a wide range of environmental projects
  • Site visits: Take a first-hand look at the projects that are relevant to your sustainability work and ask the questions you need answering
  • Workshops: Our focused workshops draw upon a pool of experts from within the Network and wider sustainability sector. Members let us know what they need information about and we arrange it, be it climate change adaptation or how to monitor and report on energy

Read more about the different types of events and check out our spring/ summer events programme for 2017


Sharing and showcasing


  • Showcase your projects: host a visit, such as this trip to Stirling Castle, and share your latest projects with fellow members
  • Monthly newsletters: an opportunity to ask advice and seek collaborations, receive the latest news from within the Network and find out about upcoming events
  • Promotion and Profile: We raise the profile of your environmental projects by featuring them on our online platforms, in print publications and at events.

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Becoming a Member

Fit for the Future is free to join for the first year. At the end of the year we’ll review your experience and find out if you’d like to stay. If you decide to remain part of our thriving Network there will be a fee based on your organisation’s annual turnover. This enables us to keep this not-for-profit Network and all of the services going. Here’s how the fees work:


Turnover of member organisation (£ millions)

Less than



£1m – £10m


£10m – £25m


£25m – £50m


£50m – £100m


£100m plus

£150 £350 £550 £750 £1000


Please bear in mind that this is exclusive of VAT.

Contact us about joining the Network or for more information